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tv   Headline News  RT  June 3, 2013 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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was. us on the private bradley manning goes on trial facing a possible one hundred fifty four years in prison for blubbing the whistle on the alleged to wrongdoings of the american army and action prosecutors have called aiding the. rage against the regime turkish police continue that cranked out on projects now into that fourth day as demonstrators vent fury at what they call a not for tarion government. and crossing the rubicon as all see becomes the son's global t.v. channel to have scored one billion you tube views a look at some of our online be to use you like mark.
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international news and comment live from moscow this is our c. with me thanks for joining us the trial of the american whistleblower bradley manning who hundred classified military days had so we can leaks is set to begin in maryland in just a few hours the on a private faces a list of charges among them aiding the enemy which could land him in prison for the rest of his life. small. it was a video that shocked the world footage of a u.s. apache helicopter killing twelve iraqi civilians including two journalists collateral murder the cold blooded brutality of the occupation captured on film it was leaked by a young american soldier army private bradley manning the video was uploaded to wiki leaks but it would prove to be just the tip of the iceberg the former army
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intelligence analyst leaked more than seven hundred thousand documents containing classified information to that whistle blowing web site they included reports of torture abuse higher than acknowledge civilian casualties in short an unvarnished view of america's wars now known as the afghanistan and iraq war logs in may arrest seeking approval for his actions manning began a dialogue with a hacker named adrian lamo chat logs that turned over to the government leading to manning's arrest and subsequent confinement now what came next was what proved to be one of the longest military pretrial detentions of a u.s. soldier since the vietnam war bradley manning was held in a maximum security solitary confinement in a cell his attorney says was no bigger than six by eight feet and as the number of charges grew against manning to twenty two he was allowed to plead guilty to ten lesser charges this in exchange for a maximum sentence of sixteen years now by december two thousand and twelve when he
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took the stand to testify about the conditions that he endured he had been in confinement for more than one thousand days now the freedom of the press foundation broke court perscribe rules it released bradley manning's explanation of his action in his own words to the public today june third bradley manning's court martial will pursue the remaining more serious charges including aiding the enemy judging by what manning has already said that are a prisoner of a maximum security facility and a hostage to your conscience of course the question of whether the young man will spend the rest of his life in prison will be answered at this trial. documents obtained by mining exposed alleged misdeeds carried on by the american military in iraq and afghanistan and caused an uproar among the international community and my colleague laurie sushi spoke to a former british sailors soldier about griffin who explained what he believes drove manning to lead this secret data some of the media saying that manning is
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a traitor who risk the lives of u.s. citizens if you're buying that no not at all manning had access to a huge amount of information as did and do thousands of other employees of the united states government he saw that information within that information actions and activity that were illegal and immoral and he thought he should do something about that he was the only one to take action on that he thought that if other people could see what was really going on in iraq in afghanistan and in the relationships between the u.s. government and other governments around the world that something would happen and something did happen you know the arab spring was informed by information that manning released now you served in the say yes and you refused to return to iraq you left the british army why is that. you know i grew up thinking that britain was a great country and there are armed forces you know the good guys us who are brought up believing and my experience in iraq you know so pace that bubble i realized you know things are
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a lot more complex than that what we're involved in in iraq the actions were involved in were in effect illegal and i decided as a matter of conscience i can continue to do that and you know manning is in the same vein as myself and committer me here and malcolm kind of smith and mike lyons you know this is a guy who's joined the military to do the right thing and then realize that actually the actions that military are immoral irrational and illegal and he's decided to do something about it. mining has admitted to being one awaken excess sources but pleaded not guilty to violating their spanish and the world wide protests were staged in support of him with people saying the u.s. government is clamping down on freedom of speech using the twenty five year old to set a freshening example to other potential whistle blowers are an apartment house mall . to military court martial against private first class bradley manning begins at a complicated time for the obama administration u.s. journalists have been spied on an unprecedented number of whistleblowers have been
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imprisoned and access to the truth many say grows increasingly harder by the day we have a severe problem with transparency and secrecy in this country that's for sure our problem is a cult of secrecy extreme levels of dystopian secrecy washington classified ninety two million documents in the year two thousand and eleven that's the last count we have to put things in perspective what bradley manning leaked is less than one percent of that the former army intelligence analyst has admitted to leaking hundreds of thousands of top secret military and diplomatic documents to the whistle blowing website wiki leaks in february manning pleaded guilty to ten of the twenty two charges he faces the twenty five year old said he wanted the public to know how the u.s. military campaigns in iraq and afghanistan had little regard for human life it should be clear to anybody paying attention to bradley manning. thought of himself
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at the times in whistleblower that he did what he did because he thought he was making the world a better place and that contrary to the way he's been represented by some people here in fact it really did from a place of sort of patriotism he's in no way entire american there has never expressed anti-american sentiments in any way in fact he's always said that he is and was driven by a sort of sense of patriotism and and hope to. the united states could be the. great country that he would do to be prosecutors however are pursuing a court martial on the remaining charges including the espionage act and aiding the enemy which carries a life sentence in prison in an interview with democracy now julian assange addressed washington's allegations that manning aided the enemy by going to wiki leaks if that president is allowed to be erected it will do two things slowly it
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means it's a potential death penalty for any person you know attributes preaching to a journalist about a sensitive matter secondly it also remember orioles the journalist and the publication chain of communication that they would say to the enemy and therefore making him susceptible as well to be espionage act which also has capital offenses and that is part of the. us but latter part is part of the us attorney. including myself we hope this letter finds you healthy and strong daniel ellsberg known as the original whistleblower leaked seven thousand government documents to the press in one thousand nine hundred ninety one revealing the truth about the vietnam war more than a war decades later he says the u.s. government is going to even greater lengths to keep the public in the dark cold war
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on truth telling truth telling specifically about truth that the government doesn't want to. truth about government crimes or that the public needs to know. if military prosecutors successfully prove that whistleblowing is aiding the enemy then bradley manning could spend the rest of his life in prison a verdict handed down under president promised to usher in an era of transparency when he stepped into the white house reporting from new york marina porter nile martini. nationwide protests in turkey a regime for a full day of demonstrators clashed with police in several cities protesters are demanding concessions from obey called the floor italian regime of the prime minister and his party police have been brutally cracking down on demonstrations leaving hundreds of people injured. in istanbul where the unrest began.
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overnight protesters have been trying to build barricades and road blocks in order to keep police out of the area that they were in but the police actually tore through those barricades and then use water cannons and tear gas and rubber bullets to evict the protesters i've seen more and more of those appearing throughout the city sporadically there trying to keep police out because fortunately the police force has been rather brutal in cracking down on protesters there were scuffles between protesters and police not just in istanbul at this point we're looking at around seven hundred people who have been arrested as a result of these protests university even some shops have been turning into makeshift hospitals or a little medical station where people are trying to work to help those who have been injured and protests. knowledged police have. some points but at the same time he called the protesters thugs and extremists. that they are
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undermining democratic principles of the country and that is definitely not something that the protesters agree with human rights human rights groups i should say including amnesty international have slammed police brutality in turkey as an excessive use of force. has the details and you may find some of the images in this report disturbing. water cannons do gas and rubber bullets what started as an environmental protest provoked a full scale shore force from the police footage shows disoriented protesters slammed into the pavement by a powerful water cannons and often the water is yellow because police are deliberately mixing in pepper spray people are down on the ground trying to return to their senses here a young woman appears to be having a seizure and here are the police in action all the people. resist taking all this violence. they never just act while lately. they don't
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use any walls but the police attacked severely using excessive force i wouldn't call it excessive force it's a monster torture actually similar footage is coming from around forty cities and towns across turkey there are claims the police are deliberately pumping tear gas into residential homes these are among the most violent protests turkey's seen in decades each day more people are wondering whether the government remembers turkey is a democratic republic. my daughter was beaten because of what she was wearing because her attackers were affiliated with the government the police stood by and did nothing this protests is not only for attacks and gezi park this is the whole policy of governments under pressure. for. for about ten years but according to prime minister erdogan the government is the one being
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oppressed he slammed the broadest as anti democratic and illegitimate accusing those on the street of being extremists organized by outside forces but protests on this scale take on a legitimacy of their own and human rights organizations are already severely criticizing the government's actions he would be r.t. . observers say the rest has been brewing for a long time as the government's actions have been seen by many turks as an oppression of democracy it is like an eruption of of all can on concerning the policies of the prime minister have done in the recent years in the recent months that he has been mostly involving in the private affairs of the citizens and his their way of speaking he is very of doing things. also consider to leave the democratic values to leave the republican values of the country but i think this is the first time in the last eleven years that if you're just government has
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experienced such a strong public your reaction the protesters on the one to remind the government in democracy the politicians cannot do things taking the people against them turkey is a democratic society and verdon is trying to get turkey into much more islamist structure based on the state. experience and this is a strong reaction i think the values of democracy and. understanding clashing now it will be not civil war but it will make their lives to prime minister very difficult in coming weeks and days. and i heard about the latest on the financial side of the taxation rest from his business presenting katie. the market see investors the allies and also be happy about it and they were welcomed back at that desk this morning with the downfall of six percent on the main turkish stock index
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of scars bonds a concern so in selling debt tech is that they've actually sped. by the most since two thousand and nine which is very significant indeed so really the debt is a few more ten toxic these protests are awful and obviously the reaction of the markets seems to be quite logical but when we talk about and when we see the protests in the euro when the standard they are very sort of economically release it because yeah because of austerity that counts there and let's look at turkish economy it looks certainly yeah it looks good compared to i was mayor greece and cyprus your insight only in comparison is very strong the deed has actually been posting on average five percent growth since about two thousand and one can tell you since two thousand and one growth of that she quadrupled here we go you can see it yourself it's evident to see so we've got this strong growth going on just hit particularly high in two thousand and four they've managed to keep that right here this is the financial crisis which affected most of the globe they did plummet four
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point eight percent just that but what is impressive is the resilience just here that they demonstrated just fighting back with nine point two percent right here we're looking at stable growth so the economy is performing well and we can say that it was relatively unscathed by the financial crisis which as you say is in stark contrast to what is happening in europe as to why the process of going over. coming up later in the program during the breaks is where they throw the country that prides itself on being the only true democracy in the middle east it is a surge of violent attacks against arabs with the young generation increasingly blame rate that's just sold. to cross to make it tory a billion views knock look at some of our peers a huge like bad right out of the great.
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technology innovation. developments around. the future avar. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. download the official publication so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television just doesn't matter now
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with your mobile devices you can watch r t anytime anywhere. welcome back. you know watched hundreds of thousands of our videos on you tube helping us become to foster global news channel to reach one billion online he's his kevin o. and previews the ones which proved most popular over the years to reach that incredible milestone at eighteen set your empty. well if ever there was proof that pictures drive your interests is certainly something that captivated millions of the globe when you saw this. dramatic video who watched our you tube channel more than sixty million times it
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was a huge hit it was also a time of course when the world found out how many russians use those dash cams to record at a second's notice as you can see here pictures that would be world headline makers the truly global stories a captured your attention with the wave of mass protest movements around the world over the last couple of years our correspondents were always in the thick of it sometimes so much so they were caught up in it. i. read where he is competing they hand around us think through what you in a day keep telling keep filming and it was images like these as the world watched helplessly that became the most watched topic on artie's you tube channel it wasn't just the scale of the earthquake and tsunami that shocked the world but then also the catalogue of failures and accidents at the fukushima nuclear plant which resulted in the worst nuclear disaster since chernobyl artie's correspondence film to the fukushima area as those explosions struck some of the reactors we all recall those pictures crippling their cooling systems and triggering melt.
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gives that artie's you tube channel rocketing to a billion views from the world's beera to finally disasters two events that continue to change our lives join me kevin zero in for more on how you've helped make our t. the first global views channel to reach the you tube video. and got plenty more amazing videos in store at how you tube channel for you and here's a quick taste of all waiting for you there right now. disaster in their. twitt still rips out the doors and walls of white house in the u.s. state of missouri where house i should say had to alter his you tube channel to watch this extraordinary footage over an area suffering at the hands of extreme weather. and mother nature is also working in mysterious ways elsewhere just
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a click away take a virtual trip to russia siberia. has a blanketed the wager i've been very beginning at salmon check out the stunning pictures on you tube slash i'll see right. suspects charged with murdering a soldier in london have appeared in separate calls during his first hearing in westminster one of the suspects demanded he be called by his muslim name while holding a copy of the koran both claim that was revenge for british military campaigns in muslim countries while associate editor at the guardian seamus maya's says such attacks are something intelligence agencies have been warning about since nine eleven obviously those politicians who support the word terror and to use your question of afghanistan and interventions in other muslim countries don't want to be held responsible for that so what they do is they say it's got nothing to do with it we must listen to what the truth to say about why they carrying out these
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it's our i mean when britain and the united states invaded afghanistan after nine eleven it was said by critics and by the intelligence services that this country and the united states that launching war was in occupations of countries like if afghanistan and iraq wouldn't all reduce the threat of terrorism it would increase and spread it and that's exactly what's happened. investigators say they are close to having a complete picture of exactly what happened in the murder of investigative journalist anna politkovskaya the prominent reporter was gunned down in an elevator moscow apartment building back in october two thousand and six moscow city court has held a preliminary hearing in the case five defendants are accused of being behind the shooting and request a trial by jury investigators say the culprits were closely monitoring political in the days leading up to her killing is believed one of the men in court to murder by
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hiring a criminal gang or three brothers and a former police officer two of the defendants were already acquitted in two thousand and nine but the supreme court over here overturned the ruling launching a new investigation. and some other world news a briefing at this hour a suicide bombing has killed at least thirteen people including ten schoolchildren and u.s. troops in eastern afghanistan a ball on a motorbike and aged explosives at a busy market in property a province where an american patrol was passing by the country has seen a recent surge of suicide bombings targeting government facilities and international person now this comes as afghanistan prepares for the twenty fourth nato was drawl. almost ten thousand people have been forced to flee their homes as deadly floodwaters the worst in seventy years continue to rise across central europe extreme raze lush germany the czech republic austria and switzerland leaving at least six dead and
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a small missing emergency operations are underway in all the disaster zones around one thousand troops were mobilized to set protective barriers and prague as a historical center is at a great risk with. a worsening weather conditions and say the next few days will be critical. a fire at a slaughterhouse has claimed the lives of at least one hundred twelve people in northern china more than three hundred were in the building when the fire broke out in the early hours of the morning only about a serb managed to escape leaving school still unaccounted for reports addressing the exits were locked cropping walk is inside the burning building. over the years israel may have learned to live through wars and conflicts but these days it's having trouble dealing with the consequences the government is vowing to do everything to stop continuing racist attacks on police to arabs inside the country
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often become victims of the so-called price tag assaults by radical israelis looks now into what's causing the trend. of the three hundred million arabs in the middle east and north africa. israel's arab citizens enjoy real democratic rights. but statements like this are small comfort for arab israelis whether or not they enjoy the right to vote they face every day problems of a more pressing nature three months ago tel aviv street cleaner her son was badly beaten up for no other reason than that he is our. however there were a lot of them said to me hi arab i said what do you say that i mean what's the difference jewish then another guy came up to me and said you want a country arab or. the next thing the father of three remembers is being hit on the
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head with a bottle. so everything went black i fell to the ground they started kicking and hitting me my lawyer told me that when they were held by the police they heard the kids competing among themselves who hit me the most. violent racism among israel's youth has been growing steadily for some time we went undercover and this is what we found a typical thursday night in downtown jerusalem young israeli teenagers hanging out in the streets it might be alcohol drugs or just plain boredom but suddenly a fight breaks out undercover police arrive in seconds a few days later we need a lawn a guard at the same spot he spent many days and nights here trying to help troubled youth the very a lot of poor population living in jerusalem and the racial element is only a part of things that they're experience more come from poverty their parents. have nothing they're working all day and they have no. control over where their
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children are a lot of them are outside of the outside of school dropped out of school this is the generation that witnessed the second intifada as young children the scars it left are deep those are the lessons that were exposed to terrorist attacks and develop post-traumatic symptoms they tend to exercise twice as much risk taking we have behaviors that tacking innocent people just because they are arabs was no provocation whatsoever and that's very typical of people who feel in survival mode as some is the latest vick. in a growing number of racist attacks by his radio youth against arabs and arab and jewish teacher we simpy beaten up when the exit of a car and an arab commuter was attacked while waiting for a train. they get the inspiration from grownups you don't show any sign you want
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peace the live side by side the result of the conflict so this stalemate causes or tension and all the wars and all the incidents and all the clashes that you see no good by territory again the general militant an atmosphere of create the conflict which needs the hatred you're going legitimizes violence of the hot sun has already had several rounds of surgery with more to come not a day goes by without him remembering that fateful night when the division between israel's arabs and jews showed its ugly face. tel aviv and coming up after the break of debate time and cross talk.
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they all told him a language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports for . the players to know i will leave that to the state department to comment on your latter point. to carryout a car is on the docket else i. think you know more recently. when you vain a direct question are you prepared for a change when you when you should be ready for a. critical speech a little on the freedom to. more news today hall and says once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing.